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At InterSpaceAdvertising We provide a whole host of services to get your business ~ project or more online.

When you need to be online, either via your own website or social media, it doesn't have to cost thousands, what ever your budget is, we are able to get you online with a design & service that will make you stand out from the crowd

We pride ourselves on our customer service & you can be sure that we will take care of your project with a high standard


Why Choose Us?

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Fast Work

We are able to handle a fast turn with 90% of our projects being completed with-in 48 hours.

InterSpaceAdvertising Affordable


Our low cost services means we can handle any type of budget you might have.

InterSpaceAdvertising Customer Service

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on great customer service & the needs of the customer will always take priority

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Social Media Design
InterSpaceAdvertising Website Design
Website Design
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InterSpaceAdvertising Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
InterSpaceAdvertising Email Marketing
Email Marketing
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Getting online can be a really headache & the cost can run into the thousands....Not with InterSpaceAdvertising! We specialise in sole traders, start-ups, small business & more. We are able to keep the cost low, so we can handle any type of budget you might have.

Video Advertising ~ Email Advertising ~ Design Services ~ Website Management ~ Website Hosting ~ Social Advertising ~ Website Advertising ~ Social Media Management

About us

InterSpaceAdvertising Is A Small Digital Marketing Agency / Marketing Consultant Based In Enniskillen.....

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