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Gifs files have been around for a long time but it's only in the last last year or so that companies have started to use them as advertising tools. With the even increase in social media use, gifs have become big business, so much so, that they have formed into something called 'cinemagraphs'!

Gifs are pictures with moving (animated) elements - the image above is a gif but with a twist, as it has been placed into a gif player - which allows the person to add extra elements, such as call to actions & links to any product, website or anything else.

Cinemagraphs are still images in which a minor and repeated movement (loop) occurs, forming a video clip which can be used as a gif file or an mp4 file - these are great for advertising. You would have seen major brands using these on their social media accounts & even in tv adverts!

Here is an example or a ciemagraphs: You can see the cup fills up with milk, yet the milk in the jug never moves.....

Both have many great features for any type of advertising & it's not just the big brands that can make use of them, anyone can use gifs & cinemagraphs to help improve brand awareness. Here at InterSpaceAdvertising we have the tools & software to make custom gifs and cinemagraphs  for your own advertising needs.

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